About Us

Our CEO has 15 years programming experience and the CTO 25 yearsprogramming experience and we share two strong beliefs.
The first is excellence in the art of software.
The second is integrity. We expect the same from our clients.

We follow an agile project management framework with anemphasis on open communication.
Clear communication isthe key to delivering an on time, within budget project withmaximum enjoyment.

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MobileApp and User Interface design

We are dedicated to a "user first" software experience; softwaremust be intuitive to use.
We also believe it isimportant that software must look cool; let's face it we allwant to impress.
We use Angular to bring a bit offlare to our mobile app development and NativeScript to bring control.
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We develop highly scalable, highly available softwareapplications.
We are a Java development house, usingall the main Spring frameworks but we will use Python, PL/SQL orwhatever best suits a clients needs.
Those from asoftware background will appreciate that we practice Test DrivenDevelopment and encourage our clients to work with us in anAgile manner.
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Since 2004 have provided bespoke servicekiosk hardware and software.
Back then we specialisedin through glass interfaces; turning shop fronts into touchableinterfaces.
We still thoroughly enjoy meeting thechallenges these projects bring whether it be in ticketing orinformation services.
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Brief History

Backin 2004 ,we specialised in UI (User Interface) design forself-service kiosks.
Through 2008 to 2011 we workedwith Government and Pharmaceuticals on a mixture of businessinformation dashboard projects and Health and Safety projects.
Over the last eight years or so we have worked a lot on Fintechprojects.
As society morphed into a connected, mobile,always available ecosystem we transformed our skills to meettheir needs. To this end, we create and support highly available,scalable and usable software.

As a software development company, we get a broad diversity ofprojects and enjoy the challenges each brings.
No matterhow large or small your project; please feel free to pick up thephone and discuss it with us. We can give you some good adviceand maybe we can do some great work together.

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The Ninja's Experience

Through nearly twenty years of software projects, starting as Dearg Information Solutions , wehave gone in depth in many areas of technology. The followingcategories cover most of these fields.

Business Dashboards

We offer full application design or system upgrades toensure you can drill into generate reports of your system dataand view them on all devices.

API's /Microservice's

We are highly experienced with Microservice development.
We like touse Swagger Codegen and Swagger API documentation tools.


We have generated Fintech applications from green-field.SEPA XML file generation e.g. SCT, SDD etc. as well as workingwith PSP API's e.g. Stripe, Nuapay etc.

Through Glass

We established ourselves with a good understanding ofthrough glass touchscreen technology from 2004 to 2008 beforethe rise of mobile connectivity.

Touch Kiosk

Whether it be for ticketing or information we providekiosks to deliver the service. Our main strength is the bespokesoftware to provide the service.

Mobile App & Mobile Web

We are seasoned mobile developers using Angular andNativeScript depending on the applications needs.